Today’s adventure: Hidden portion of Malibu beach through a private entrance. Two of my favorite souls to enjoy the sun’s affection with me. Featured here, Ashley Garcia, (Instagram: @tooothlesss) photographing Jesse Garcia, (Instagram: @papajesseg) all the while being photographed by me. The inspiration of this blog title was the way Ashley jumped up from where we were sitting with her polaroid camera, and ran to Jesse before he came back down to the ground. She saw an opportunity. A moment she wanted to freeze in time forever. A moment she wanted to capture with visual proof to recall the memory years later. And Jesse, supporting her aim to secure the moment by volunteering himself as a subject. That is a quality I wish to grow within myself, to be able to find snapshots with my eyes and not be afraid of inserting myself into the moment to catch it. While she took a very different image, I was so happy to have caught this “behind the scenes” image of the pair.

For all those behind the camera.



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